Is Acer A Good Brand For Laptops? (Pros And Cons)

Pros and Cons of Acer laptops by PCViewed

Acer laptops, generally beloved by the public, are often praised for their accessibility as premium goods at reasonable prices.  For anyone with an eye out for a budget-friendly laptop. It’s fair to say Acer models are quite a sensible choice.  Most people are really confused nowadays when choosing the ideal laptop. Of course, quality is … Read more

Should I Buy An 8GB Or 16GB RAM Laptop?

how to ram will look like

Opting for 16GB over the mere 8GB RAM makes it a winner, hands down. But let’s examine this claim from various perspectives. Before we trudge any further, it is quite crucial to understand why RAM holds such significance in the case of laptops and other computing devices. By acting as a heartbeat for applications by … Read more

How Are Laptops Measured? (A Guide For Beginners)

Measure the Screen Size Of A Laptop by PCViewed

Imagine that the bag or sleeve you purchased does not have room for your laptop. Isn’t that a terrible feeling to have? You spent money and waited for the proper size, but you never received it.  It is always necessary to measure your laptop before purchasing a laptop bag.  These measurements help determine the laptop’s … Read more

5 Methods To Take Screenshots on Laptop Windows 7

print screen button on wireless keyboard

Unlike Mac, almost every laptop running Windows has a print button, however, some users face problems taking screenshots with Windows 7. It is because the print screen button occasionally fails to function. If this is the case with you, you should not worry. This post will explain how to capture a screenshot in Windows 7 … Read more

How To Connect Two Monitors To A Laptop?

how to connect two monitors to a laptop

Whether you’re a creative professional seeking a canvas for your imagination or a multitasking maestro striving for peak productivity, the key might just lie in a seemingly simple solution: dual monitors. With dual screens, you will increase your productivity as multitasking becomes much easier.  However, setting up two monitors on your laptop can be a … Read more