Choosing The Best RAM For Your PC: All In One Guide

how to ram will look like

When it comes to building your computer, RAM does make a huge difference, both in the capacity and quality of it. So, it’s worth investing time to determine how much RAM you should have on your PC. For example, the amount of memory (RAM) in a computer determines how many applications or browser tabs you … Read more

Why Laptops Slow Down? How To Fix A Slow Laptop?

6 Best Practices to Speed Up Your Slow Laptop by PCViewed

It is quite frustrating when laptops take longer than usual to perform basic tasks. It takes a serious toll on productivity and time management. This happens to almost every laptop user. A slow laptop causes the user several problems and difficulties. For instance, it has an impact on your work, which results in irritation and … Read more

Which Brand is better: Lenovo or Acer?

how to ram will look like

If you’re thinking about getting a new laptop, you’ll probably hear about Lenovo and Acer first. These brands stand as some of the most well-known laptop brands in the world right now. HP and Dell have seen Lenovo sell more laptops than them lately. Both Lenovo and Acer have their pros and cons. You should … Read more

RAM vs Processor: Your All-In-One Guide

If you want to see your computer fast, your computer needs two parts to run well: RAM and a processor. However, their jobs are completely different, but they work together to provide you with the functionality and performance you need every day, like running software or browsing the internet. Understanding their functions and differences can … Read more

These 16 Reasons Are Behind Your Laptop’s Slowdown

These 15 Reasons Are Behind Your Laptop's Slowdown by PCViewed

Does your laptop have a slow speed? Has it been becoming sluggish as time goes on? Alternatively, did it suddenly decelerate? Is it always sluggish? Are individual programs and applications only slow? Do you want to make your laptop fast? As far as laptops go, these are questions that you must ask yourself and answer … Read more

How Much Should I Spend On A Laptop For Home Use?

how to connect two monitors to a laptop

When you are looking to buy a laptop for home use, you must take your budget into consideration. I mean, who wants to buy a heavy machine if the only thing you want to do is browse and make assignments?  But that’s not all; everyone has different preferences when they look for laptops to buy; … Read more

(A to Z) Guide to Cleaning a Laptop Screen

Guide to Cleaning a Laptop Screen by PCViewed

Ever wondered how to clean a laptop screen? Laptops can get dirty from dust and dirt when we use them a lot. But cleaning them can be draining. You have to be careful not to hurt the screen. No matter what kind of laptop you have, you want it to look nice when you use … Read more

Best Laptop Interactive Buying Guide 2024

laptop interactive buying guide

Choosing the right laptop can be tricky. There are so many choices in terms of size, setup, design, and cost, making it hard to decide. You don’t want to rush into buying one because it’s an important investment that should last a long time. This guide will help you understand what’s important when picking a … Read more

8 Proven Tips To Instantly Make A Laptop Faster

Proven Tips To Instantly Make A Laptop Faster by PCViewed

Is your laptop feeling sluggish and unresponsive lately? Do you find yourself wondering, “Why is my laptop so laggy and slow?” You’re not alone. Many of us understand how frustrating a slow laptop can be. Video calls keep freezing, games are choppy, and even basic tasks like working on spreadsheets feel like a drag! But … Read more