About Us

Who are we?

We are part of a tech company; we acquire a wide range of computers for various tasks. Our teams, located around the globe, work remotely as full-time employees or freelancers, handling different tasks. We take advantage of this opportunity to explore the computers niche.

Thus, we started PCViewed.com to share highly useful and practical information about computers with consumers.

Why Our Reviews and Insights Are Worth Trusting?

Each product we review go through these steps:

Step 1: In-Depth Topic Analysis:

First of all, our SEO research team deeply analyzes each topic, ensuring they understand end-users’ problems so we can solve them.

search engine research example

This process involves analyzing search engines, social media platforms, and forums.

In this way, they prepare a list of expectations the audience has from the topic.

research example about the topic

Step 2: Gathering Practical Experiences:

Next, we ask our teams to share their practical experiences with the different computers they use. For instance, our writers share their experiences with different computers, while our graphic designers and digital marketers share their opinions about their machines.

Step 3: Verification of User Experiences:

Then, another research team comes into play. They explore the web to verify if hundreds of other users have similar experiences with that product. For instance, if our team’s experience was good, it’s not enough until we ensure it matches the experience of many other buyers.

To do this, they review Amazon comments, and Reddit posts, create polls on different platforms, and sometimes reach out to expert users to ask about their experiences with intensive-level work.

voting for computer brands
amazon reviews example
reddit research

This process yields a huge amount of data. That’s the hard work we do for you – our audience.

We analyze and share our team’s reviews and research on PCViewed.com. That’s why we believe our information is highly trustworthy and useful for our audience.

Additionally, since we belong to a tech company offering many services like SEO, web development, and outsourcing, we deal with clients from various industries. This gives us a deep understanding of what’s happening across different sectors.

Thus, we keep an eye on how computer companies are competing with each other, what advancements they are making, and how these can benefit the end user. We discuss these topics in the Insights section.