Taking Screenshots on Mac: Tips and Shortcuts

Taking Screenshots on Mac by PCViewed

Your Mac contains every tool you need for capturing what’s displayed on its screen. The problem: they are hidden behind keyboard shortcuts that are by no means obvious. There is no ‘print screen’ key like in Windows, though there is a keyboard shortcut from where you can take a screenshot. How do I take a … Read more

Taking Screenshots on Windows 11: A Complete Guide

select the area you want to crop with snip tool

Screen capture, screenshot—whatever you call it, this is a distinctive way of snapping a picture of whatever is on your computer screen. It’s super useful for adding images to presentations or sharing conversations with coworkers. Whether you need to save something important or just want to share what you’re seeing, screenshots are the way to … Read more

A Guide to Choosing the Best Laptop Processor (CPU)

Intel vs. AMD Comparison by PCViewed

Choosing the right laptop processor is an important decision. You might be a gamer, a professional, or a casual user; the processor you choose will decide how well your laptop handles various tasks, from everyday web apps to intensive software applications. So, understanding what processor you need for your laptop is worth the time so … Read more

Upgrade Your Laptop: The Complete Guide for Beginners

how the back of a laptop will look like once the cover is removed

Upgrading your laptop might seem a bit scary, but it is a great way of boosting its performance without having to spend too much on buying a new one. I upgraded my HP laptop‘s RAM and used it for about three more years. So, upgrading your laptop makes it faster and worth the investment. In … Read more