Evolution of Laptops: From 1970s to Present

compaq 1980s early laptop

Today, laptops are everywhere, and their slim design allows us to work and connect with anyone from virtually anywhere. From where did all this start? Laptops have evolved significantly, from bulky and heavy models in the past to the sleek and modern ones we use now. The journey from the first portable computer to today’s … Read more

AMD vs. Intel CPU Market Share: History and Prediction

Intel vs. AMD CPU Market Share Prediction with regression

Intel has been dominant in the CPU market for over a decade. It still holds a significant market share, but AMD is making substantial efforts to capture a larger portion of the CPU market. And we can see its market share is increasing slowly and steadily over time. Here is the historical data of AMD … Read more

Choosing The Best RAM For Your PC: All In One Guide

how to ram will look like

When it comes to building your computer, RAM does make a huge difference, both in the capacity and quality of it. So, it’s worth investing time to determine how much RAM you should have on your PC. For example, the amount of memory (RAM) in a computer determines how many applications or browser tabs you … Read more

Why Laptops Slow Down? How To Fix A Slow Laptop?

6 Best Practices to Speed Up Your Slow Laptop by PCViewed

It is quite frustrating when laptops take longer than usual to perform basic tasks. It takes a serious toll on productivity and time management. This happens to almost every laptop user. A slow laptop causes the user several problems and difficulties. For instance, it has an impact on your work, which results in irritation and … Read more

Is Acer A Good Brand For Laptops? (Pros And Cons)

Pros and Cons of Acer laptops by PCViewed

Acer laptops, generally beloved by the public, are often praised for their accessibility as premium goods at reasonable prices.  For anyone with an eye out for a budget-friendly laptop. It’s fair to say Acer models are quite a sensible choice.  Most people are really confused nowadays when choosing the ideal laptop. Of course, quality is … Read more

Should I Buy An 8GB Or 16GB RAM Laptop?

how to ram will look like

Opting for 16GB over the mere 8GB RAM makes it a winner, hands down. But let’s examine this claim from various perspectives. Before we trudge any further, it is quite crucial to understand why RAM holds such significance in the case of laptops and other computing devices. By acting as a heartbeat for applications by … Read more

Which Brand is better: Lenovo or Acer?

how to ram will look like

If you’re thinking about getting a new laptop, you’ll probably hear about Lenovo and Acer first. These brands stand as some of the most well-known laptop brands in the world right now. HP and Dell have seen Lenovo sell more laptops than them lately. Both Lenovo and Acer have their pros and cons. You should … Read more

RAM vs Processor: Your All-In-One Guide

If you want to see your computer fast, your computer needs two parts to run well: RAM and a processor. However, their jobs are completely different, but they work together to provide you with the functionality and performance you need every day, like running software or browsing the internet. Understanding their functions and differences can … Read more

10 Best Laptops and Chromebooks for Homeschooling

Here is a compilation of the best laptops for homeschooling in 2024. These best laptops are mostly under $500. We have done great research to see which specs are highly suitable homeschooling and education purposes. Then, a list of the latest and best-tested laptops, recommended by thousands of students and other individuals for homeschooling, was … Read more