Is Acer A Good Brand For Laptops? (Pros And Cons)

Acer laptops, generally beloved by the public, are often praised for their accessibility as premium goods at reasonable prices. 

For anyone with an eye out for a budget-friendly laptop. It’s fair to say Acer models are quite a sensible choice. 

Most people are really confused nowadays when choosing the ideal laptop. Of course, quality is always their top priority, and when talking about quality, Acer brand is included in the list.

Acer is a Taiwanese computer manufacturer with a sizable global consumer base. With Acer, you normally get what you pay for, and they typically offer the best value for the money.

The business came into the game in 1976 and presently has a solid 5.7 percent share of the global laptop market. Without a doubt, the company offers a product for any price range.

Furthermore, the battery life on all Acer laptops is decent and performs excellently.

Luckily, the majority of Acer laptops come with a one-year guarantee, which can be extended up to three years by paying an extra charge. 

But is it a good brand to give it a try? 

In this article, I will discuss whether Acer is a good brand to consider and what its pros and cons are. 

Performance and reliability:

Acer laptops have developed a solid reputation for their dependability and exceptional performance. A broad range of models is available to cater to individual requirements and financial limits. Acer laptops are typically equipped with strong processors and generous RAM capacities to ensure rapid and seamless functionality.

They are capable of handling a variety of tasks, including work, gaming, and multimedia.

Acer has earned a reputation for crafting laptops with exceptional sturdiness and robustness, making them highly dependable as well. To make sure they can sustain use, they go through testing. 

However, problems can still happen with any device. If you want to increase the lifespan of your laptop, it’s important that you take care of it and adhere to the suggested procedures.

Many well-known laptop brands are facing durability problems, but Acer is the one that has a great position in terms of durability.

 Acer laptops have decent but not exceptional battery life. The battery’s performance totally depends on usage patterns.

These laptops frequently have good hardware characteristics, such as processors from Intel or AMD, lots of RAM, and different storage options.

Lifespan of Acer laptops:

Budget Acer laptops have a lifespan of 3-5 years, but this can vary based on several factors. The life of the laptop is dependent on several factors, such as usage patterns, the kind of maintenance performed, and the advancement of technologies. 

Acer laptops, with average usage, good maintenance, and some care, could last for a couple of years. But heavy usage or demanding gaming can reduce its lifespan, as can temperature fluctuations. 

One important note is that newer models with stronger specs and features will always continue to be rolled out because of technological advancement. This makes older computers outdated and slow over time. However, even when a laptop is past its prime for some workloads, it is still good for lighter-weight tasks like web browsing, word processing, or video streaming.

Acer laptops can last longer if you keep them free from dust, avoid overheating by using a hard surface, and upgrade hardware and software when required. Additionally, the battery should also be handled correctly; for instance, deep discharges should be avoided and the optimal temperature should be maintained.

Value for money:

Acer laptops are frequently regarded as being quite affordable. They are laptops with a range of pricing points to suit various spending capabilities. They offer a favorable price-to-performance ratio. They provide competitive performance and standards at a competitive cost. 

These laptops offer comparable or even greater performance for the price you pay when compared to other brands on the market. They are therefore a wise alternative for individuals trying to maximize their resources.

ACER machines offer good value. Affordable options exist within their lineups, allowing you to score a high-cost machine at a cheaper price. Why should ACER care about this? Because they know exactly what consumers are looking for in low-cost laptops. 

When compared to its direct competitors, Acer is inexpensive. As a result, you can get high-end hardware, specs, and build quality for less money. It is understandable why Acer continues to be a favorite when looking to buy laptops at affordable prices, given the variety of options available for professionals, college students, and casual users. 

Benefits and downsides of Acer laptops:

Pros and Cons of Acer laptops by PCViewed

Undeniably, Acer churns out top-notch laptops. Be that as it may, each gadget brings to the table its strengths and weaknesses. And so you can make an informed choice about whether or not this might be worth considering for your needs, let’s run through some benefits and downsides.

Benefits of Acer laptops:

  • Excellent bang for the buck! I mentioned earlier, right? Acer does make a laptop to match each budget. So even if you have got just $150 shulking about in your wallet, there’s still an Acer Chromebook with your name on it. In the fiercely competitive market sandbox we are playing in, isn’t that value for money? 
  • A wealth of choices abound: Take a gander at Acer, which provides an assortment of everything from personal notebooks to gaming PCs, or from personal laptops to potent professional workstations. Portable laptops packed with power for your high-intensity gaming and serious multitasking needs are also up for grabs.
  • Durability: Let’s talk about durability. Acer laptops, right? They have always been the go-to when it comes to toughness. Withstanding wear and tear seemingly effortlessly.
  • User-friendly: Acer laptops are easy to use and designed with the user in mind. They’re set up for simplicity’s sake. Even folks lacking a firm grasp on technology can get their hands around them without much of a struggle.
  • Portability: The portability of any laptop, which is reflected in its size and weight, is another crucial factor. Acer has a variety of highly functional, incredibly portable laptops and notebooks available. The weight of the device as a whole makes it manageable, even as the screen size varies between models. 

The typical backpack or carrying case can accommodate these laptops with ease.


  • Boring designs: A laptop should be aesthetically pleasing and have an elegant look. Acer makes several attractive laptops, but their gaming devices have uninspiring looks. The general-purpose laptops from Acer are also thin and outdated.
  • Build quality: Although Acer laptops are frequently thought of as being durable, even a minor fall can have expensive consequences, such as a broken cooling fan or other important parts. Purchasing more affordable Acer laptops has a number of drawbacks, chief among them their poor build quality and short lifespan.
  • Performance: Price-conscious buyers are the majority of Acer’s customers. Cheaper laptops frequently have subpar technology and average processors, which prevents them from providing premium performance. Premium laptops that cost more can only deliver high-end performance; cheaper laptops cannot match it.


To sum it all up, Acer emerges as a brand targeting budget buyers; hence, the saying you pay for your worth seems to hold true. The finalized evaluation makes us believe that Acer indeed stands tall in the league of good laptops. If an Acer laptop catches your eye and appears cheaper on the pricing scale, we suggest digging into user reviews before jumping to any conclusions, because cheap doesn’t always mean solid.

The market is incredibly open if you want to buy a laptop. There are many different brands and models to pick from, and Acer is one of the most well-known in terms of international sales. According to global sales, Acer is actually the second-best laptop brand in the world. As just a few of the key features, the brand provides dependability, affordability, and portability.

One of Acer’s strongest arguments for its inherent value is that it is affordable in a developing and cutthroat market.