Best Time To Buy A Laptop (The Best Deals Are Here)

Laptops cost a lot, but you can save money by getting a good one at the right time. If you are not in a hurry, you should wait for the best time to catch the best deals.

So, what’s the best time of the year to buy a computer? Well, even though new laptops keep coming out, there are a few times in the year when buying one is cheaper. These times are during Black Friday, back-to-school season, Christmas, Cyber Monday, and more.

Being a tech guy at my company, I’ve spent a lot of time researching laptops, so I know when you can get good deals. I’ll tell you more about when to buy a laptop and what factors to consider in the following section.

Here is our guide on when is the best time to buy a computer.

Best Time To Buy A Laptop by PCViewed

Back-to-School season:

Lots of students ask, “Can I get a discount on a laptop as a student?” The answer is yes! The ultimate time to really grab a bargain is during back-to-school sales that usually take place in July and August.

From the start of July until the end of August, you can always anticipate back-to-school sales. This is when laptops are mostly sold at low prices.

Online stores such as Amazon and Best Buy, as well as brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Apple, Sony, and Microsoft, often offer additional discounts specifically for students.

Even if new models have just been released during back-to-school sales, good deals are still available for college students.

For instance, even if you are not a student anymore, you can still come across several awesome laptops offered online in July and August. Amazon is one of the most common options used for back-to-school shopping, offering many laptops at great prices.

It is also worth noting that Amazon’s big Prime Day sale happens right in the middle of back-to-school season, around mid-July. This is one of the few times when shoppers can find many really good laptop deals on Amazon, apart from Black Friday.

If you are a student, here are the best laptops and Chromebooks for students.

Amazon Prime day:

Prime Day is one of the best times to buy a brand-new laptop at a low price or you might also find older models for super cheap.

What do you get on Amazon Prime Day?

Whether you need a laptop for gaming, college work, or traveling light, Prime Day usually has great deals for all types.

The tricky part is that we don’t always know exactly when Prime Day will happen. In 2023, it was on July 11th and 12th. Usually, Amazon holds it in early July. Keep an eye out for announcements from Amazon about Prime Day, usually about two weeks before it happens.

If you’re looking for Chromebooks or notebooks, Prime Day is a good time to check. Even though these laptops are already cheap, Amazon often lowers their prices even more during Prime Day.

That’s good news, especially since Chromebooks don’t need fancy hardware. They’re great for simple tasks like web browsing.

But remember, not all deals on Prime Day are great. Sometimes, even if it seems like a big discount, you might not be saving much. Always check the regular price of a laptop before buying it, especially at other stores.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Is it better to buy a computer during Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Big sales on electronics happen around Thanksgiving in the US, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Stores advertise these sales a lot, so expect big crowds.

Here’s one tip on how to avoid the crowd: identify a few models of laptops you desire in advance so that you can check pricing and buy them easily during a sale without worrying about their shortage.

During these times, most companies have discounts on technology-related gadgets such as computers. Particularly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are full of many laptop brands with huge price cuts.

Black Friday usually has better deals for bigger items like laptops and televisions, whereas Cyber Monday is best suited for smaller things such as clothes and accessories. The Black Friday deals only last a short time but the Cyber Monday sales can last for more than a week.

Even though there are sales at other times of the year, like back-to-school sales and holiday sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually the best for getting big discounts and promotions.

On top of that, it’s possible to find good offers on laptops during end-of-year clearance sales. Many shops give large discounts at the end of the year so as to create space for new models set to be launched next year.

Christmas and New Year sales:

If you missed out on getting a good deal on a laptop during Cyber Monday, don’t worry. Around Christmas and right after it, you might still find some good deals.

You might not save as much money as you would on Cyber Monday, but some stores have sales specifically for laptops during this time.

Even though laptops might not be the typical gift for Christmas, some stores still try to keep customers happy during their busiest time of the year. So, it’s likely that you’ll see prices drop, and you can get a laptop at a good price.

This also includes New Year’s Day, so there’s more time to find a good deal. In December, you should also look online for discounts on laptops. There are websites that compare prices for different laptop models.

That being said, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as end-of-year clearance sales, are the best times to buy a cheap laptop.

These days, they are known for their big discounts and sales on many things, including laptops. And the whole holiday season, from late November to December, is a good time to look for deals.

According to LaptopMag, new laptops come out almost three times a year: during the back-to-school season (June–August), the holiday season (September -December), and spring (February–April).

But the best deals usually happen in the summer or winter. If your laptop isn’t on its last legs, it might be worth waiting for a better deal.

Is January the best time to buy a laptop?

If you are wondering, when’s the best time to buy a computer after the holiday season? January is usually a month for discounts on laptops, even gaming ones.

Stores lower prices to sell off leftover holiday stock. Just be careful about what you’re buying and make sure to shop at trusted stores or websites. You don’t want to end up buying an old laptop by mistake.

Here are a few reasons why January is a good time to buy:

  1. Some laptop brands release new models in January, which means you might find older versions at discounted prices.
  2. You can get a good-quality laptop for less money during this time.
  3. Many stores have sales after the holidays to attract more shoppers, so you might find good deals on laptops, including gaming ones.

If you can wait and keep an eye out for deals in January, you could end up getting a great laptop at a lower price.

New model releases:

Imagine purchasing a brand-new laptop for a very high amount of money only to find it has become worth hundreds of dollars less in a few weeks. This is undoubtedly annoying, but it’s due to the companies frequently releasing more and more new products.

For instance, if you are into Apple products and wish to buy a MacBook, new ones are typically introduced during an occasion held in September. However, if you would like a Microsoft Surface Pro, it is most likely better to wait until their biggest event in October.

If you don’t know when your favorite electronics brand releases new products, then it’s good to find out before investing in a laptop. Discounts often start appearing about a month or a few weeks before these events.

Another chance for bargains is the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which happens every January. A lot of new laptops are unveiled there so you may get deals on the previous year’s models.

These laptops will not be the most recent but if you are not looking for the latest flagship model, you can save some money.

You could buy a used laptop Instead:

When a retailer starts offering discounts, we might find attractive deals. But remember to wait until an offer actually comes through before making any hasty decisions.

Also, if you think that the deal does not satisfy all conditions, opt for purchasing a used laptop. Refurbished laptops are perfect for home use. Do not miss sales; this is one of the best ways not to get disappointed.